Time Attendance




• Staffs just tap the tablet and submit their attendance for clock in & clock out.
• Fast capture each individual staff time in / time out and their photo.
• Workers are able to clock in & clock out at multiple work sites with Mobile Phone & Tablet.
• Provide location-based information through GPS availability.
• Calculate the basic hours of work time & overtime.
• Staffs able to access to check pay slips, apply leave and check leave status.
• Can be used as general attendance requirement for outdoor event & construction site.
• Can be clustered by sites, managers, supervisors, etc.
• Provision of search function to enable the ease of personal data tracing.
• Fully cloud-based system. HR Management can download the attendance data and details at Head Office.
• Can be integrated into existing compatible payroll software.
• Maintenance free, no worries of oily fingers & dusts.
• Secured encryption of data.


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